Bamboo Toothbrush ( charcoal bristles ) 4 Pack

Switch to the Natural toothbrush. Save the World.


Valar Life’s bamboo toothbrush is an excellent replacement for a plastic toothbrush that has a handle made from sustainably grown bamboo. It has superior anti-mold performance and smoother than a typical bamboo toothbrush that perfectly fits your finger.


  • Sustainable Carbonized Bamboo
  • Soft Bristles
  • Fungus Free



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Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on the planet, making it a livable choice for the environment. Swapping to Our adult and a kid-friendly toothbrush made with this sustainable bamboo could be an easier way to bring down the plastic use at home. This could be your best eco-friendly choice to Get your teeth a healthy cleanse with the delicate Charcoal-infused bristle that gets you a smooth textured feel over teeth and gums. 


  • Earth-friendly biodegradable bamboo that reduces the environmental footprint
  • It is a cleaner option since Bamboo is a natural antibiotic
  • the finer charcoal bristles naturally help get rid of stains from the teeth
  • the water-resistant bamboo handle with smooth edges prevents microbial growth during use
  • It won’t set you back any more than using a conventional plastic toothbrush
  • It also paves way for reuse as plant stake to label vegetables and flowers


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