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We have all had our troubles with hair problems and longing for hassle-free hair. Hair revitalizer is a simple yet, effective mask that can provide tons of rewards to hair health at home. This could be your best organic option for healthier, bouncier and lustrous hair. It’s a well-known fact that the ingredients spirulina, moringa and aloe vera have amazing skin benefits but this trio also has plenty of astounding benefits to hair.

These three allies give us a boosted amount of protein, iron, selenium, vitamin C, A, B12, folic acid and zinc for enhanced hair growth.


  • Hair Growth Promoter
  • Effectively stops Dandruff
  • Contains Spirulina




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How they work..?



    It works great for scalp health and sebum control. The hygroscopic molecules in spirulina moisturize the scalp and give long-lasting hydration. Prevents thinning of hair by Boosting volume and adds natural luster for hair.



  Aloe vera deeply conditions your hair, smoothens and makes it frizz-free. Reduces dandruff and gets rid of itchy scalp. Minimizes breakage and rejuvenates hair promoting its healthy growth.



   Cleanses the scalp and deeply nourishes damaged hair strands. Makes the hair follicle stronger preventing hair fall. Retains moisture and protects from sun damage.



  • Helps reduce hair fall
  • Cleanses hair follicle
  • Helps to get rid of itchy scalp
  • Strengthens damaged hair
  • Minimizes breakage
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Moisturizes and softens
  • Deeply nourishes your scalp
  • Protects from sun damage


What you eat defines you. If your diet lacks the vital nutrients( iron, protein, zinc and vitamins) hair can lose shine, start falling out or thinning. To kick start your hair growth you need to take care of your hair from the inside out. Along with the hair revitalizer mask, our superfood MORILIFE capsules could give you a nutrient boost to fill in any deficiency of vitamins and minerals for thicker and voluminous hair growth.

56 reviews for Hair Revitalizer

Based on 56 reviews
  1. Rohit

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  2. Madhumathi

    Used this for the first time. Like the cleanser using this for the first time cleanser my hair beautifully. My hair is soft and stays soft. I am for sure this will do as promised, yet to receive more result since, used only one sachet till now.

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  3. Palani Balaraman

    First Delivery the product then will give feedback review

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  4. Lalithamba B

    I felt after applying n shampooing i got severe cold n cough

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  5. Sanjay

    Been using it for quite a while now, twice a week. Surprised to see a product that actually delivers. Add me as a regular from now on 😀

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