Moringa Green Tea 375.00

Green tea is being with us for centuries and it is the most consumed beverage in the world. So easy to make and drink it’s ruling the world of beverages. With a lot of researches being carried out researchers have come out with the evidence-based benefits of green tea.


It contains many powerful bioactive compounds such as flavonoids and catechins. green tea leaves are not fermented so it has high levels of catechin particularly epigallocatechin (EGCG) that protects the body cells from oxidative stress. Many studies have linked EGCG with a reduction in the risk of cancer. Green tea also has a considerable amount of caffeine that will help you awaken your senses.


Green tea has its own benefits and we have gone to the next level to make it healthier by adding superfoods to it which will be the first of its kind.


These petite leaves are native to India which has been a part of Indian recipes traditionally. It has boundless benefits with an impressive nutrition profile. Since not everyone likes the crunchiness of leaves, we have made it better and palatable by infusing it with our green tea. It will let you get the astounding benefits of moringa in a sip.


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