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  • Switch to the Natural toothbrush. Save the World.

      Valar Life's bamboo toothbrush is an excellent replacement for a plastic toothbrush that has a handle made from sustainably grown bamboo. It has superior anti-mold performance and smoother than a typical bamboo toothbrush that perfectly fits your finger.  
    • Sustainable Carbonized Bamboo
    • Charcoal infused Bristles
    • Fungus Free
    Sku: BC007

    Bamboo Toothbrush ( Medium hard bristles )

    4.66 (86 Reviews)
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    Face Cleanser is a simple mask and fantastic tool which have become basics for any skincare routine. In the midst of various environmental aggressors and pollutants, our skin can get overwhelmed with external stress and exhaustion. This facial cleanser packed with humble ingredients gives you the best solution to beat out all the crappy damage from your skin. It easily blends with all skin types.

    • Healthiest Skin Detoxifier
    • Contains Spirulina
    • 20 Sachets pack

    Sku: FC007

    Face Cleanser

    4.69 (119 Reviews)
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    We have all had our troubles with hair problems and longing for hassle-free hair. Hair revitalizer is a simple yet, effective mask that can provide tons of rewards to hair health at home. This could be your best organic option for healthier, bouncier and lustrous hair. It’s a well-known fact that the ingredients spirulina, moringa and aloe vera have amazing skin benefits but this trio also has plenty of astounding benefits to hair.

    These three allies give us a boosted amount of protein, iron, selenium, vitamin C, A, B12, folic acid and zinc for enhanced hair growth.  
    • Hair Growth Promoter
    • Effectively stops Dandruff
    • Contains Spirulina

    Sku: HR007

    Hair Revitalizer

    4.54 (56 Reviews)